In-Country THF Team

Tibetan Healing Fund has an exceptional group of volunteers and advisors based in mSo-Ngon Province (Ch: Qinghai) of experienced local ethnic Tibetans.  This group plans, implements, monitors and evaluates projects.  These Tibetans understand with intimate detail the situation in rural villages having grown up in similar circumstances.  The advisory committee is in close contact with people at the village level and this information is used to assist the projects.

Our partnerships include many local organizations, businesses, a Tibetan university, hospitals, education and health bureaus.

Tibetan In-Country Advisors

  • Dr. Kunchok Gyaltsen, MIIM, MPH, PhD UCLA School of Public Health.  Senior Manager: responsible for supervising, planning, monitoring THF health and education projects.
  • Dr. Lusham Gyal, Tibetan Medical Doctor, Tibetan Medical Professor, Associate Dean of Tibetan Medical Department, mSo-Ngon University Tibetan Medical College (ch: Qinghai).  THF Health Advisor. 
  • Dr. Tsering Kyi, OBGYN Medical Doctor.  Director of Tibetan Natural Birth and Health Training Center and implements MCH health projects.
  • Dr. Tanpie Junnie, Deputy Director of Kumbum Tibetan Medical Hospital.  THF Treasurer.
  • Dr. Palchen Sangdak, PhD Tibetan Medicine.  Implements health and education projects.
  • Manlha Dorjie Choedron, PhD in Education.  THF Education Advisor.
  • Mr. Sangjie Gyatso, Tibetan education expert, former Tibetan teacher, Tibetan poet.  Education Manager: implements education projects.

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