History of THF

The seeds of Tibetan Healing Fund are traced back to Dr. Kunchok Gyaltsen’s work in early 1990s.  Particularly, in 1994, Dr. Gyaltsen used his personal living money to support children at his village’s primary school, Serkya Village Primary School.  Then he was able to expand the Serkya Village Primary School from grades one to three to include grades four to six.  This project was well received by the villagers, but many students were still not able to attend the school due to lack of resources.

 While studying in the United States from 1996 to 2001, Dr. Gyaltsen was able to raise money from his public lectures and teachings for a scholarship program to ensure that all village children in Serkya could attend school.  In 2001, prior to Dr. Gyaltsen’s graduation from School for International Training (SIT), Vermont, USA and Mahidol University Thailand, Dr. Gyaltsen presented his vision of creating an international humanitarian organization to his graduate school colleagues and a professor to establish Tibetan Healing Fund.  The initial supporters who helped establish Tibetan Healing Fund were Professor Paul Ventura, Jessica Ravetz, Daniel Dodd, Jennie Quan, Angela Vuagniaux, Meredith Aikman, Kerry and Jon Secrest and Chris Moore.  Meantime, Tashi Rinpoche, one of the highest lamas at Kumbum Monastery and a well-known Tibetan physician, was the main mentor of Dr. Gyaltsen’s work.  The founding board members glimpsed a tremendous opportunity for positive change in the Tibetan areas, especially because of Dr. Gyaltsen’s close connection to the people in the Tibetan regions, his knowledge of health, education and international development and because of his position as director of the local Tibetan medical hospital.

On July 30, 2001, THF was formally certified as a non-profit organization under the State of Washington, USA.  THF partnered with Kumbum Tibetan Medical Hospital in Tso-Ngon Province (ch: Qinghai), P. R. China to implement both health and education projects in three counties in the Tibetan areas.  THF was established by a dedicated team of volunteers both in the USA and P.R. China.  In the USA, there have been many friends, families, communities, and organizations that deeply cared about the urgent needs of education and primary health care for rural Tibetan women and children.  Similarly, a group of well educated and passionate local Tibetan teachers, doctors, administrators, students, farmers, and herders have been involved to implement the projects.

From the beginning of the organization up to now, there have been so many people who have contributed their time, resources and donations over the years to help in the developmental process of this organization; the list is endless with names and THF is grateful.  

 Please click on the link to view the following people have served or are currently serving as  THF Board Member and Leadership Team since the founding of THF in 2001.  More>>

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