Education Programs

  • Children’s Fund
    Supplying the necessary financial means for rural children (especially girls) from very low income families to attend school and provide food aid as needed. More >>
  • Tibetan Heritage Primer Textbooks
    Organize local teachers to write and edit native Tibetan language reading books according to local history and culture of their region to rural primary school children. Once the books are ready to publish, find a publish house to publish include printing and distributing. More >>
  • Teacher Training
    Providing additional education to Tibetan primary and secondary teachers to improve their teaching skills (Tibetan, Chinese and Science subjects) and knowledge of child development.  Creating forum to discuss the importance of bilingual education-teaching Tibetan with supplemental Chinese language course. More >>
  • Improve Access to Quality Education and School Improvement Projects
    Provide support to improve school infrastructure and teaching supplies in remote village schools. 


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